if I had a dollar for everytime someone called me ugly I’d be broke cause I’m perfect lol later losers


If my jokes offend you:

  1. I’m sorry
  2. It won’t happen again
  3. 1 & 2 are lies 
  4. You’re a pussy
The incident that started it all.
"Let's continue on our adventure!"
Thank you Hiro Mashima, for 8 great years of Fairy Tail! 
08/02/14 — happy belated birthday Fairy Tail!
Do you have a theory about why all the draonslyers have motion sickness??


bc their daddies used to have a lot of fun with baby cart race



they’re so canon it’s disgusting that they’re not canon: a novel



I like to believe this is canon


cute little Happy being sad for Lucy (◡‿◡✿)

The me of this world… will live on with her comrades.


"I promise!"

Let me tell you why Nalu will forever be my OTP. Upon the many obvious reasons of their obvious love for each other, this scene here (and in the manga so yes it is canon) is the most powerful Nalu moment and evidence of their love for each other. Better yet Natsu’s for Lucy.

When F!Lucy came to them she tells them that the whole country would be devastated and that everyone she knows and loves would die. She needed to ask Natsu for help, that’s why she came back. He died, she was lost and said ‘fuck it I’m going back to when I know he’s alive.’ and told them. Natsu’s immediate reaction was very calm, cool, collective. He said he believed her and that they would do anything they could to protect the future, he promised. He was real nonchalant about it. He had just heard that everything he knows and loves is going to die except for her and he was like “nah we’ll fix it.” Then, she’s killed, right in front of his eyes, because he couldn’t save his Lucy so F!Lucy had to. And he breaks. He breaks harder than I think we have ever seen him break. He is so distraught that Lucy is killed, he literally snaps. And he says (and in the manga to) That he won’t let anyone take Lucy’s future. He just heard that everyone he knows and loves will die and he’s like “it’s okay we’ll fix it.” He see’s Lucy die and see’s her future at stake and freaks out. This just tells me that if all of his nakama did die, except for Lucy then of course he would be devastated, but as long as he had her he’d be okay, not himself, but at least okay. And if Lucy died, but the rest of his nakama survived, he would never be the same again. 

I genuinely believe and I feel like this scene proves it, that Lucy and Happy are the most important in his life and if it’s those two that are gone he will never be himself ever again. This also proves that Lucy is one of the most important people in Happy’s life as well which is equally important.

I never thought I would be able to see any of you again, but I did, one more time. That alone makes me happy.
I never thought I would be able to see any of you again, but I did, one more time. That alone makes me happy.


1 gfx/episode: senpai & kouhai [episode 4: bitter orange]

"i’m going to make this perfectly clear! you said that i’ve got friends, but you’re totally wrong on that account! kuriyama-san, you’re the one who doesn’t know anything!"


I don’t know what’s better.  Her reaction, or the guy creeping in the door.


Happy birthday Naty!!
aka, to the most adorable human being ever <33

I didn’t really know what I could draw for you but I hope you’ll like my present to you anyway ;u;

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